Access to the mFara application database

Both the mFara application and its database are located directly on the device. It is not placed on an external server and no data is transferred to it by other entities.

Only the device user has access to the information contained in the application database.

The user can optionally enable an additional level of authorization requiring a password after each resumption of the application (by default, this function is disabled, because the authorization mechanism during activation and awakening is enabled in the device itself). In order to enable an additional level of authorization, the Password protection option should be enabled in the Settings part of the mFara application.

The application can send a database to synchronize with the main computer with the FARA 5.0 application over the Internet or via a cable connection directly to the host computer, but only if it deliberately calls the appropriate program function in the Synchronize part.

Data transmission for synchronization via the Internet is done by sending the file to the user's private Dropbox account.

Data transmission for synchronization via cable connection takes place via Apple's iTunes application (there is no legal copying option between the computer and Apple tablets and smartphones (iPad and iPhone)).

The application may send a copy of the database's security for archiving, but only if the user deliberately calls the appropriate application function in the Service section.

Transmission of backup copies via the Internet takes place either by sending a copy of the database to the user's private Dropbox account or as an email attachment. However, the application does not send this email message, but runs a mail application on the device with an encrypted file attached to it with a copy of the database - the message itself is sent manually and consciously by the user.

Demo data

All demo data in the sample databases are fictitious and were invented at SIGNUM-NET. Any partial convergence with actual data is accidental and unintentional.

Payment service

All payments related to the mFARA application and their security are handled by Apple via the App Store. The SIGNUM-NET company does not receive from the shop operator any information about payment cards or the buyer's data. SIGNUM-NET does not support any financial transactions related to the mFara application.


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